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March Newsletter

Good morning from a silvery blanketed West Wales! I love the stillness, especially after the stormy days that rolled together these last weeks. There?s three sheep mothers in the field next to my house with their new lambs and I can hear them calling. I feel their voices drawing me out of the last of my winter dreaming along with the celandines, opening as they do to the sunshine when it comes.

In the last three weeks I?ve been to London and also taught a course at Horse Haven for the first time. The trip to London was to spend time shaping a new collaboration that I?m very excited and happy about. Why? Well because this marks the beginning of a possibility that I have hoped for, since the early days of offering courses exploring our kinship with all of the other-than-human life. I have wanted to be able to share this work with groups of people living with significant challenge. And I have also wanted these practices to be something that we take with us always. Practices that become a way of being in the world, and not something we do when ?we go out into nature?. Practices that walk us right back to an understanding that we are part of nature already and that we are woven into the web of life here on this planet. Which means that we can connect with nature, with this knowing and all the richness of that experience, wherever we are, even in the heart of a city. And so I am offering two courses, one in mid June (friday 12th evening and full day on Saturday 13th ) and the other in July in Islington in North London. (I should say that the July dates are invitation only ). King Henry?s Walk Garden ( a community garden ) has openly welcomed the courses. There?s full information on the website events page and you can still buy tickets on eventbrite for the June date. Here?s the link

Horse Haven which is an ethical livery and training place in the Aeron Valley not far from where I live, was the perfect location for a two day course, sharing techniques I have developed over many years as an osteopath and healer working with animals. The practices that I teach have arisen out of that work, out of a desire not just to be able to help animals in pain, but also out of a deep longing to bring people and animals into closer understanding. I had a number of experiences in the early days of my animal work, that were moving, enriching and taught me a great deal about animals and the way they experience the world. They were also experiences that opened the way for me to offer much more help, and directed me towards a way of being with the animals that I wanted to be able to reproduce at will. In the beginning I didn’t know how to, and my desire to be able to do so, was the starting point for uncovering a methodology to sense and understand the experience and non verbal communications of the animals. I?d always loved wandering out on the land and I soon realised that the techniques I was experimenting with, deepened my meetings with all the other-than-human life that I was surrounded by. I noticed too that I felt a deep calm envelope me and I felt as refreshed as if I?d been on a whole holiday somewhere, in only an hour or few out on the land! The herd at Horse Haven were engaging and supportive to everyones? learning, meeting each person just where they were in a deep heart place. I felt honoured and very blessed to witness the unfolding??.There are two more offerings of the same course this side of Summer. The first in May is full already but as I write this morning, there are 2 places left on the June course – which is on the 25th and 26th. More details on the events page of the website or email me at and I can send them over direct to you.

Blessings to you all of the newly arriving warmth. May your unfurlings be gentle and rich,

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