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Remembering and Re-imagining the Circle of Fellowship of all Life,

Awakening to Heart Wisdom Inspired Action for Troubled Times

Rekindling Hope - Practices for keeping it alive

Stories as bridge makers between the human village and the culture of the wild

The Story of the Work

This work is a weaving together of many threads of my learning and experience.  It is primarily an endeavour of the heart.  It is based on the premise that interbeingness is the natural and original state of the world.  One that connects every being of this earth in a circle of kinship and fellowship.  It is also the premise of this work that most humans have moved away from this circle, causing them to experience a deep loneliness and to think of themselves as apart from the life on this earth.  We live in a time when the loss of life brought about by this cleaving away from the circle of life has become so very clear to see.

So this is a work of returning to interbeingness.  A remembering of ourselves as one of the ‘myriad wild things of this world‘.  A remembering of ourselves in the original circle of kinship and a re-imagining of that circleAwakening heart wisdom that leads us back through compassion and into a deep understanding of connection. It is the heart, with it’s wide as summer skies, deep as an ocean, keen listening and responsive electromagnetic field, that can draw us out of despair, anger and inaction.  Heart wisdom that literally transmutes our emotions and changes our physiology to one where hope, creativity, compassion and connection take root.  And one where we have healthy bodies to co-create the change our hearts re-imagine for the world.

Horses and the wisdom they carry, are central to the work that I offer.

They have been part of my own journey of remembering kinship since my early teenage days, playing with the foals of the Romany Peoples’ mares, tethered on a wartime airfield by the housing estate where I lived. I still experience the peace of those connections, of those days lying on my back in the grass, the horses grazing or dreaming beside me, skylark song dancing in the breeze above us. And it is this deep peace and the deeply felt experience of connection, inter-beingness and kinship that I share in this work with others. The horses as beings of integrity and truth telling, show us where we are colonised away from this experience.

My role with them, is as enabler in the dialogue between horses and people, as they guide us with generous hearts and grace, towards a remembering of our wholeness and radiance of being.

About Catriona

Catriona has always felt most content when outside, surrounded by animals. She counts many animals both wild and supposedly domesticated, a good number of rocks, trees, flowers, the Teifi River and the night sky amongst her family and neighbours…

Imaginal Horse Circles

I feel the time has come where a new way of relating with Horse has arrived, as co-creative partners in this imagining of a new earth…….


Rekindling Hope

Once, so the oral history keepers from all over this earth tell us, humans and all life on this planet were in deep relationship with each other……..


Stories in all their forms as myths, folk tales and fairy tales have accompanied humans across the earth,



The practice of kinship then is not nature connection or forest bathing. It is instead a remembering of ourselves as an integral part of nature, but just that, a part. No more important or less than any other kind of life on the earth. It is a practice of heart connection….


It was quite simply unlike anything I have ever attended before or since. Moments from it have their permanent signature in my heart……..

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Imaginal Horse