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Imaginal Horse Circles

At the Winter Solstice of 2018, I had a knowing arrive that there was a possibility for humans to become part of dreaming in a new earth.  That in order to do this, we would need to move into an ‘imaginal’ place, where this new way of being can emerge as something not yet seen, or known.

It turns out that there are others who had a similar inspiration around this time and who have been crafting ways of opening this ‘imaginal’ space with others.  I have had a strong sense for some time, that horses are coming forwards to be in a creative space with us humans, after so many generations as a means of transport, carrying us into war, and working alongside us to plough our fields.  When the motor engine arrived, they moved into being for our recreation and sport, and now most recently as therapists.  

I feel the time has come where a new way of relating with Horse has arrived, as co-creative partners in this imagining of a new earth…….

Just before midwinter 2021, inspired by my grey mare Darcey, I sent out an invitation to some folks here in West Wales to an “Imaginal Horse Circle” that meets around the New Moon each month. Our beginning meeting was just before Imbolc 2022, in a peaceful valley by the Aeron River, with the herd of horses there. We made our first journey into the Imaginal to meet with the Horse Nation and also met the herd of horses that live together in the valley.

Inspired by the horses and the powerhouse of that circle, I began to explore how I could offer this opportunity to folks living further afield. And new Horse Circles began, with one day meetings open to all, online circles and weekend and longer residential Imaginal Horse Gatherings …….

‘We can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it’

In these circles we move out into the Imaginal, where we can connect with the creative principle in the heart of life, uncovering new ways of being in the process. Ones that we cannot imagine from where we are now……..

‘Being the change we want to see in the world…..’

The other important aspect of these gatherings is them being a place where we acknowledge, inspire and support each other in finding how to bring these new inspirations into form in our everyday lives, with our loved ones, with our co workers and in our communities……This is where the generosity and grace of Horse and their truth telling connection with the flow of all Life comes into it’s own. They meet us as guides when we come up against the ways we disconnect to Life in all it’s fullness and show us how to navigate the challenges in making our inspirations ‘so’.

I bring my tools and more than 30 years experience as a horsewoman, osteopath, energy medicine practitioner and in ‘shamanic’ practice, as well as my skills in equine facilitated coaching, to the circles. My role is to lead the circles and be the primary holder of the space where horse and human meet, as enabler in this dialogue. I also share and teach, practical tools for grounding intentions and inspirations into the fabric of our days beyond the Horse Circles.

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Imaginal Horse