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External Collaborations & Projects

I have always wanted to share the practices of kinship with people living with significant challenges. These collaborations represent some of the ways that I do this.

This current project is a collaboration with and, working together to teach leadership skills to a small group of at risk youth in Gloucestershire, through storytelling, creative arts, bushcraft, nature kinship practices and one to one and group coaching. The project supports this group of young people to curate a creative work in relationship with local community groups, around their concerns about climate and ecological change.

Each young person will be leading a group of their peers and each group will work in collaboration within their community, across all ages of people there, The plan is for this project to be repeatable going forwards with other communities around the UK.

A key aim is opening a space for young people to have a voice about what concerns and inspires them, the skills and agency to speak of this, and to create something meaningful with their peers alongside weaving connection through their home communities.

This project is funded by the National Lottery.

Bird Farm & Wildflowers

I am offering several workshops for the staff at Bird Farm (, a Care Farm offering services to a variety of people living with challenges such as mental health issues, learning difficulties, physical health issues and carers to name a few. They are joined by Claire Taylor founder of an enrichment service for people with mental health issues, dementia, carers and people receiving palliative care. ( )

On the rich and gentle land there, criss crossed by fox trails, immersed in the music of songbirds, this is a place of sanctuary for all who visit and spend time there. There is a small herd of ponies and alpacas, donkeys, ducks and hens to companion the staff and visitors and a cosy craft studio in the beautifully converted barn, to explore and play in. And there always seems to be lots of tea and cake too!

The workshops will share nature connecting practices with the staff. These practices deepen heart connections between the staff and the clients as well as between humans and the more-than-humans. They also act as powerful ways to create and strengthen resiliency in the staff and those who come to experience the goodness at Bird Farm.

I am also offering the staff Equine Facilitated Coaching as part of a mentoring day, so that we can include the deep wisdom of horse in finding ways to meet and move through the challenges of offering a service of this kind.

This project was funded via

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